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Essential Tips For Cleaning A Sofa: Spring Cleaning Edition

Our couches serve an important role in our homes, serving as both a playground for our kids and our closest companion on chilly nights in. They are especially crucial when the holiday season approaches in creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere for gathering with loved ones. Nothing beats curling up on the couch and unwinding while waiting for the weather to improve.

Cleaning and maintaining couches are much simpler to maintain and care for than most people realise. Genuine leather only needs conditioning every three to six months with leather wipes or lotions. While inferior to full-grain leather, aniline leather is more stain-resistant, making it easier to maintain over time. Fabric sofas are extremely stain-prone, and excellent hygiene needs thorough regular cleaning. And not to mention having to clean the leather sofa.

You can keep your sofa looking great and extend its lifespan by following a few essential tips.

Prep Your Sofa

Genuine leather couches are much simpler to maintain. You only need to condition your sofa every three to six months with leather wipes or lotions. You can always ask about leather sofa cleaning in Singapore through your trusted cleaning company.

Use leather-specific cleaning products, such as creams or wipes, rather than common home cleaners, detergents, and soap. Make sure a product is appropriate for your sofa through a pre-test in a small, hidden area before using it. Ask a Leather sofa Cleaner around Singapore for the best products when in doubt.

Vacuum Your Sofa

To prevent dirt from becoming lodged in the fibres of fabric couches, vacuum them once a week with a soft brush attachment to hinder unintentional snagging of the fabric. Applying too much power may lift colours or create straining and ripping that may eventually weaken the fibres.

Use a handheld vacuum or attachment to remove any loose dirt and debris from the sofa, paying attention to the crevices and corners. Use the upholstery attachment to avoid damaging the fabric.

Check Your Sofa Care Label

Before you start cleaning your sofa, read the care label. It will give you information about the type of fabric and any cleaning instructions. Also, to determine the appropriate cleaning method. Some materials may require special cleaning techniques or products. It’s imperative to apply the instructions carefully.

Disinfect Your Sofa

Do you require a quick homemade cloth disinfecting spray? Tea tree essential oil, which has antibacterial characteristics, should be diluted and combined with rubbing alcohol in a spray container. Spray your sofa sparingly, let it sit for a few minutes, and then vacuum the entire thing!

But if you require more professional decontamination, there will be disinfection services in Singapore.

Reuse Your Cleaning Tools

Yes, you can clean a couch using a carpet cleaner. Ensure that the cleaner is safe for your sofa by comparing it to the cleaning codes listed on the tag fastened to it. Cleaning carpet services usually use types of equipment and cleaning products that are sofa friendly too.

Deep Clean Your Sofa

Depending on the type of fabric, consider using a steam cleaner to give your sofa a deep clean. It can help remove dirt and stains embedded in the material. If you’re not comfortable using a steam cleaner, you may want to consider hiring a professional service for sofa cleaning in Singapore.

Always A Happy Helper

A wise decision is to seek professional assistance if the job is too large or you are concerned that the stain is too deeply embedded. They can arrange to dry clean the covers and deliver them back to you in pristine condition here at The Better Guys.

Hence, you can be confident that whatever decisions are taken, they will be ones to ensure the durability of your furniture. Hiring a professional is necessary, but doing it yourself is an open option.

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