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how it works

Upholstery cleaning process

Shampoo is being sprayed deep into the fibres of your upholstery to engage and aggravate the coagulated dirt particles and mould formation of any kind. Only high-grade yet non-toxic NEA approved solutions are being used. Shampoo is pet and child-friendly and definitely 100% skin-safe.

An extractor cleaner is used to vacuum all the dirt, dust mites, sweat and bodily oils that were previously broken down by our shampoo. It is done multiple times to ensure 99% of bacteria is properly removed.

Finisher! As a final assurance to our (clients and ourselves), high temperature steam is used to kill off all leftover bacteria, allergens and other viruses effectively, as well as sanitising the sofa.


A healthier indoor environment

Odour elimination

Fabrics are extremely susceptible to odour absorption. Having your upholstery cleaned regularly can prevent and remove the build up of mustiness caused by perspiration, pet odour and spillages.

Leather Sofa Cleaning Singapore - The Better Guys
Stain removal

Visible sweat rings are an eyesore and a clear indication that your furniture is no longer skin-safe. All in all, not having a stained furniture is a good thing.

Mattress Deep Cleaning Singapore - The Better Guys
Improved indoor air quality

Upholstery and sofa cleaning Singapore can remove dust, dirt, and allergens that can accumulate in furniture, which can lead to improved indoor air quality and reduced allergy symptoms.

Discover Better Guys, Singapore's ultimate solution for sofa cleaning and mattress deep cleaning services. Our team of experts specializes in revitalizing your living spaces, offering professional sofa cleaning that includes meticulous leather sofa cleaning. Experience the transformation as we deeply cleanse and eliminate allergens from your sofas and mattresses. Trust our dedicated leather sofa cleaners in Singapore to bring back the beauty and prolong the lifespan of your furniture. Unveil the difference with The Better Guys today!


Customizable cleaning packages

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Carpet (up to 2m x 3m)



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Leather Sofa Cleaner Singapore - The Better Guys
Better cleaning, better living.

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